Siete is a niche provider of innovative design, facilitation and project delivery in the fields of strategy acceleration, change management and senior leadership development solutions. Siete resources have extensive international experience in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia across a wide range of industries.

Flints story, about accelerating his business into the future, captures the essence of what we do.

The Siete Philosophy

We Design, we Facilitate, we Deliver on Do Different Faster

What does that mean to us exactly and for our clients?

Taking action, getting things done. Do as opposed to think about, plan for or even promise.

This is about growing greater futures. About innovation and change. Different is about new ideas and approaches to make your world a better place for you and those within it. 

Whats taking so long? Good idea right? Great plan? - No doubt. Faster is about accelerating because its not only about taking action but also about doing it at a good inertia-resistant pace.

1. It Beats, as it Sweeps, as it Cleans
2. Who you know = more important than where you go
3. Self reliance & the spirit of DIY

Strategy Acceleration

We know that a strategy itself rarely offers competitive advantage for very long, but how it is executed does. To accelerate the execution of strategy, whether it involves ambitous growth, an acquisition, a turnaround, a new system or even the seemingly simple office move, it is a huge advantage to have a plan that ensures the 3Cs are in place. Clarity of the goal, Capability to achieve it and Commitment.

Senior Leadership Development

Great leadership development is holistic, customized to specific objectives and does as much 'teaching what can be taught' as it does creating space for 'learning what needs to be learnt'

Real time and in the context of Strategic Change Lessons learnt in real time are the most impactful of all. Developing leaders skills while they are dealing with a growth plan, merger, acquisition or even a turnaround is the richest environment of all

By holistic we mean that a leadership development initiative should address all facets important to good leadership including Self, Team (leading one and being part of one), Organisation and Environment (market and community). These four elements purposefully all touch each other at the top of the diagram because they all have an impact on each other. 

Off-the-shelf leadership programmes assume that all organizations and the individuals within them have the same development needs. We prefer to understand what the business objectives are, design the programme around these and then ensure that all facilitators involved fully understand the company, its market and its people. This is when we and our clients see real results. 

Space to 'Learn what needs to be learned'
Many business schools teach what can be taught about leadership. This refers to those elements that have been reduced down to the 10 steps of this or the 7 habits of that. It also refers to the use of research, analysis and case studies. These things are important but ask any great leader about their greatest learning experience and theyre unlikely to tell you that it happened at a business school or while reading a book. It happened in real time on some special project or some new role where they had to stretch themselves to succeed - this is learning what needs to be learnt. In any leadership development programme, we balance the teaching of what can be taught with creating the space for people to get their hands dirty, make mistakes in a safe environment and sometimes even struggle a little - giving them the opportunity to also learn what needs to be learned. 

Partnerships with Local and International Business Schools.
Siete has established partnerships with local and international business schools to provide access to resources, faculty .and also to certify programmes through them.

Clients & Recent Projects

Clients and recent projects include:
  • Executive team alignment process for global professional services firm (design and facilitation)
  • Strategy acceleration process for an aggressive global growth plan for global organisation (design)
  • Integrated change program for systems and process standardisation for global ICT business across over 60 countries (design, facilitation, project delivery)
  • Strategy and common vision for family owned enterprise (design, facilitation, project delivery)
  • Executive team alignment and co-creation of vision, values and strategic drivers (design, facilitation, project delivery)
  • Executive leadership programme for large financial services group (Design)
  • Senior womens leadership programme (Design and project delivery)
  • Board review process (Design and facilitation)
  • Social change communication and education process for community focused anti-rhino poaching campaign (design, facilitation, project delivery)

Clients include:

About the founder
Leon Boyd Swartz, BSoc Sc (Hons) Industrial Psychology, has over 15 years experience in the design, facilitation and execution of strategic business realignment, transformation and leadership solutions. This includes extensive facilitation work with boards and senior teams.

Im driven by doing different work that makes a positive impact and over the years have taken on projects that fall into the bucket labeled change. Hardly ever IT / systems change but rather transformations of culture, mindsets, strategies and operating models.

Prior to founding Siete Leadership Consulting, he was the Client Service Director for an international virtual business school where he worked with client organisations across a broad range of industry verticals both locally and internationally. Thereafter, in his capacity as the senior global OD consultant to an international ICT company, he designed and delivered on the "people elements" of the organisation wide change and strategic business realignment process which involved changes to the business model of operations in over 35 countries across the globe.

Giving Back

Rural African education, as it stands today, is not producing digitally literate individuals. Nor is it effectively engaging learners in skills that are required for competitiveness in the twenty first century workplace.

Siete is a benefactor of the truly worthy and undeniably smart Good Work Foundation which is a registered NGO that has been working with grassroots education in Africa since 2003.

Young learners need specific, marketable skills if they are to sustainably empower themselves, their families and their communities. The GWF vision is to lead a sustainable model of learning that can be introduced to rural African communities. The model will focus on delivering digital-era literacy education and career training via community-driven digital learning centres of excellence. The centres need to be digitally-powered and online, allowing rural communities access to world-class education and cutting-edge technology. We want to see rural African learners immersed in high impact learning experiences that are presented as they would be in the worlds most technologically advanced classrooms.

Sietes contributions to GWF include:
  • Design and facilitation of workshops assisting in the preparation of learners about to enter careers or the tertiary education system.
  • Donation of iPads for the digital learning centres
  • Raising cash funding
  • Connecting large corporate clients with GWF to donate unused laptops for use in the digital learning centre

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